Our Mission

'Being and Making Disciples'

Our mission is to encourage and equip christians of all ages to grow as disciples (followers of Jesus), so that wherever we happen to be - school, work, home, football pitch, church building - we live lives that provoke others to think about Jesus for themselves.

We try and encourage Christians to see each day as a day to be lived conscious of Jesus’ presence with us at all times and in all places, grasping the truth that Jesus wants us to live for him (experiencing him; acting in godly ways; ministering to and praying for those around us; witnessing to others about new life) in the places that we spend the majority of our time, not just in church.

Besides seeking to welcome those who come to the many activities on our premises, we are also keen to increase our ‘going out’ to minister to people where they are. Our assembly team visiting six local schools every week was a start, the possibility of “St.Paul’s in St.Paul’s” starting in September (offering a fortnightly child-friendly experience of church in a local school at 3.00pm on Mondays) would continue this process, but we are looking to expand off-site opportunities to share life, faith, and Jesus with those who don’t yet know of his love for them. If you want to be part of this adventure then come and join us.