the family

The Forsyth Family

Steve & Phil Forsyth were active members of St. Paul's before they were called to join the Mission Aviation Fellowship. After Steve had obtained his pilot's license they set off to work in Tanzania, being based for many years in Mbeya and then Dordoma. Whilst there the family increased with the arrival of Jess and Becky. Phil also became involved in the MAF management training programme.


A MAF Cessna 208

Unfortunately in 2003 Steve discovered that he would no longer be able to fly due to an eye problem. This, obviously, led to questions about God's calling - after all why call Steve to be a pilot and then allow an eye problem to stop him flying? Of course the Lord did have a plan and the family moved to Uganda, where Steve is now Programme Manager.

With the signing of the peace treaty in southern Sudan the MAF Uganda programme in now busier than ever. The planes are flying at full capacity, unable to meet all requests for help. Travelling by road in northern Uganda remains very dangerous due to rebel activities.

The following link will give more information about the work of MAF.